Maryjoy Dreamers Group Of Schools limited


Primary  (Grade 1-Grade 6)

As our children transition from Kindergarten Stage to the Primary School, we will introduce greater structure and formality to their school day.

Our Subject Specialists, as well as their Class Teacher, will stretch your child’s thinking, developing their abilities to observe, question and engage in investigative work across all curriculum areas.

As your child learns to make decisions and seeks greater independence in their learning, we will continue to stretch the range of challenges that they are exposed to. They will be encouraged to explore key topics across the subject areas, building their depth of understanding. Our contextual teaching style will enable our students to connect their learning to the real world, making learning come alive and ensuring that the skills that they have gained are not forgotten in the months and years ahead.

Through a strong programme of Performing Arts, your child will continue to develop their imagination and express themselves confidently and creatively. We encourage all of our students to be involved in school performances, both individually and as part of a group. These provide your child with opportunities to build social skills and their confidence whilst learning to work collaboratively to deliver success but also emphasises our belief in the importance of the Performing Arts in celebrating and developing creativity.

Maryjoy  Enrichment Programme is carefully designed to offer a wide range of choices including academic, creative and sporting options. We aim to ignite new passions as well as extending existing interests and building skills to support future success.

From Grade  1, there is extensive specialist teacher provision which is a unique feature of the curriculum construct.  This includes specialist lessons in Music, Art, Design Technology, Computer Science and Languages.  Specialist Maths and English provision is also made through class setting and intervention for those with learning challenges and those who are especially gifted in these areas.

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