Maryjoy Dreamers Group Of Schools limited

Admission Process

All applicants will undergo assessment with an admissions officer . All students will conduct face to face interviews with the School Principal. Parents will be requested for a parent interview with the School Principal. Responding to parents after receiving the application immediate Receiving test results from admissions/teachers 1-2 working days Communicating the outcome to parents 1-2 working days Maryjoy is fully inclusive to learners of all needs and abilities; however the school reserves the right to offer conditional acceptance requesting full cooperation and transparency from parents. Any previous medical assessments are requested at the time of admission, though admission will never be conditional upon formal medical diagnosis .In order to ensure Maryjoy has all the resources and family support necessary to promote the success of all learners, each child will be considered on a case by case basis in order to determine if the school has the appropriate resources and staff to best meet the needs of the student.
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