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Parents Guide

Choosing the right school for your child can be a daunting task and parents often rely on valuable recommendations from their friends, family or close community. At Maryjoy Schools, our aim is to create a community of learning where our children are supported, inspired and challenged to be as successful as they possibly can in all aspects of life, and we do all this within a safe, secure, and happy school environment.

As Maryjoy parents, you already share this vision and we believe that your contribution goes a long way in building a larger and better Maryjoy Community. Our parents, along with our students and teachers, are the best Brand Ambassadors we could wish for, and we would like to thank you for the numerous recommendations and testimonials you provide on a regular basis.

In order to ensure that this gesture does not go unrewarded, we have launched the “Brand Ambassador Programme” where we reward our parents for recommending our school to their friends and family with school aged children, on successful enrolment at Maryjoy.

Brand Ambassador Rewards

For every successful child that enrols at Maryjoy, the recommending parents will be rewarded with a 5%* discount on the annual tuition fee of one child. The discount will be applicable for one year, and will be paid after the new child has paid a full term’s fees.

*Terms and Conditions:

  1. Parents with children currently enrolled at Maryjoy School can participate in this programme
  2. Rewards will be applicable for every successful enrollment and will be deducted from the referring family’s tuition fees for one child’s fees only. In case the family has more than one child enrolled at Maryjoy, the lower year group’s fees will be considered for rewards
  3. There is no limit on the number of referrals a parent can provide
  4. School reserves the right to withdraw this programme on its own discretion without prior notice.

Bus Transportation

Maryjoy schools would like to welcome you and share guidelines to ensure a safe and pleasant experience. Students and families are our partners in maintaining a safe journey to and from school. We encourage and support this partnership for the safety of all of our students. It is important that we work together so that all students will behave in a safe and considerate manner in their travels to/from school each day and will allow others to have a safe and comfortable trip.

The Maryjoy Transport Service enables students to get to and from home and school safely and securely. We operate over 15 buses for around 400 students every school day. Our aim is to ensure that the safety of the students and the efficient running of the service.

Please note on the first day of school, parents should bring your child/ren to school and pick them up after school. Beginning on the 2nd day, transportation service will begin.

Should you wish to sign up your children for the transportation service, please fill in the transport policy form available at the school office.



At Maryjoy, we believe Healthy Bodies = Healthy Minds and encourage all students to have a healthy diet and drink plenty of water. All meals are , nutritionally balanced and are prepared in school by our catering team

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