Maryjoy Dreamers Group Of Schools limited


Well qualified, experienced and passionate teachers are central to providing an excellent education for our students. Our teachers are professionals and have excellent subject knowledge and experience within the specific developmental stage or specialist area that they teach. They will understand the particular needs of their students and be able to build a relationship that facilitates individual success.

Our teachers respond sensitively to the needs of our pupils through personalized  attention, structured learning environments and a variety of learning tasks. Parents are an integral part of the learning process and our teachers will ensure that there is clear communication between home and school and that  parents are involved as part of the learning community.


Supporting our students and teachers in lessons we have well trained, kind and proactive Classroom Assistants (one per class for PP1- Grade 3). Hall Monitors who support students and manage attendance to school, movement around school and break and lunch times, bus student movement and are in regular contact with home.. As well as our Administrative Support, Catering and Cleaning staff who are all part of our school family.
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